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We are a tablet-based EMR and PM, revenue cycle service, and a family of people who love efficiency.

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“The entire system from A to Z is awesome. There are a hundred good things to say about DocuTAP. Our staff have seen the RCM improvements and have been able to focus on what they need to. ”

“DocuTAP has helped us to streamline all of our processes, reduce patient visit times, and virtually eliminate all paper from our practice. It has made us a more efficient and profitable business.”

“DocuTAP was the best EMR in the urgent care space—and had the best reputation. That’s why we chose it. With DocuTAP, our efficiency has improved so much we can now offer additional services that we couldn’t before.”

“We fell in love with the people. The staff at DocuTAP is the most amazing staff we have ever worked with. From the front desk, to the clinical staff, to billing, the software is so easy to use. ”

“I know for a fact we were missing charges before. Providers are documenting better, and reaching the correct E/M office visit code.”

Starting your own urgent care?

Starting your own urgent care?

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Our Urgent Care Blog

Jan 9

10 Tips for Handling Protected Health Information (PHI) in Your Urgent Care

2018 | Filed in Posts

It’s not likely that these early doctors would have predicted a future in which patient care often relies on energy passing through cords to machines that pump a heart, provide air to the lungs, and keep track of vital information about patients. While the time and the landscape on which medicine is practiced has gone through meteoric changes, the basic principles of doing good and doing no harm still guide the practiced hands of physicians. But in today’s world, these principles expand beyond the scope of hands-on patient care. With the use of technology to keep patient records and health history, medical practitioners are also responsible for keeping protected medical information secure. While healthcare and patient privacy get ever more complicated, training everyone on your urgent care staff about the importance of privacy is key to doing no harm.

Jan 3

Urgent Care Trends to Watch in 2018 - The Year of the Patient

2018 | Filed in Posts

On the urgent care landscape, the forces to drive change often collide with an established healthcare model that pushes back in favor of yesterday’s medicine. During this time of change, patients are increasingly involved in their own wellness and the way they receive care. Patients have more choices, more authority, and more influence as a partner in their own wellness, rather than simply a receiver of care. As active participants in their healthcare decisions, vigorous attention to patient engagement and experience is the most notable trend, making 2108 The Year of the Patient.