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We are a tablet-based EMR and PM, revenue cycle service, and a family of people who love efficiency.

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“The entire system from A to Z is awesome. There are a hundred good things to say about DocuTAP. Our staff have seen the RCM improvements and have been able to focus on what they need to. ”

“DocuTAP has helped us to streamline all of our processes, reduce patient visit times, and virtually eliminate all paper from our practice. It has made us a more efficient and profitable business.”

“DocuTAP was the best EMR in the urgent care space—and had the best reputation. That’s why we chose it. With DocuTAP, our efficiency has improved so much we can now offer additional services that we couldn’t before.”

“We fell in love with the people. The staff at DocuTAP is the most amazing staff we have ever worked with. From the front desk, to the clinical staff, to billing, the software is so easy to use. ”

“I know for a fact we were missing charges before. Providers are documenting better, and reaching the correct E/M office visit code.”

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Our Urgent Care Blog

Feb 6

An Analysis of ICD-10, CPT®, and E/M Coding Trends Over Five Years

2018 | Filed in

With every moment that passes, the practice of medicine becomes increasingly complex. New processes, technologies, and breakthroughs are poised to disrupt current protocols benefiting patients around the world. With these changes, the ways we record diagnoses, document procedures, and report progress must be continually evaluated and modified to improve the accuracy of electronic medical records throughout the patient life-cycle, and to ensure doctors and other healthcare practitioners are appropriately and efficiently compensated for the important work they do. In this Urgent Care Quarterly, we explore coding trends over the last five years as they relate to urgent care. We look at ICD-10, CPT®. and E/M codes to provide greater insight into what these trends mean for on-demand healthcare providers.

Feb 6

2017-2018 Flu Update

2018 | Filed in

According to the latest DocuTAP data, this winter's flu season came early and strong, much like the 2013-2014 flu season. In December 2017, 6.6 percent of visits included a flu diagnosis compared to 6.7 percent in December 2013. But unlike January of 2014 when flu cases started to decline, this January we saw the flu in record numbers. Looking at data through January 2018, more than 13 percent of urgent care visits included a flu diagnosis in January—the worst month we've ever recorded and twice the flu diagnoses by percentage from the previous month.