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Jun 27

Don’t Be the Urgent Care Chicken Little

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As an urgent care consultant who focuses on startups, I am frequently asked the question: “Is the urgent care industry saturated?” More often than not this question is directed toward a specific location, state, or city where a prospective client is considering the development of a new center. Typically, my answer is a resounding no.

Jun 1

Marketing Ideas Every Urgent Care Should Consider: Idea 6

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Today, your urgent care is judged by its online presence as much as it is by its physical appearance. The fact is, you are considered a more legitimate practice with a well-designed website. A website is a 24/7/365 advertising tool to help patients find you so they can learn about your clinic.

May 24

Increase Clinic Revenue with Targeted Payer-Based Marketing

2016 | Filed in Posts

Looking for a smarter way to market your services—and find new patients that not only increase your volume, but your revenue per visit? Rather than following the typical mass marketing to your region with brochures, digital avenues, or billboards (and wondering if it works), try a more precise marketing approach.

May 9

Marketing Ideas Every Urgent Care Should Consider: Idea 5

2016 | Filed in Posts

Whether you’re in a building with other businesses or you have your own practice, it’s crucial that your clinic is in a high traffic area. Being in a convenient location—and having clear signage—will make your clinic easy to spot for when your services are needed.

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