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Jan 14

5 Stories to Reinvigorate Your January

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The January blahs. It’s real, and it hits those of us living in the tundra that is the Midwest like a one-two punch. Per usual, we scroll through our social media feeds, but weeding out the useful information is daunting when you can barely feel your fingers. That’s where we come in. We want to provide you with the essential information you need in one easy place.

Jan 6

Urgent Care Trends to Watch for in 2015

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What will happen in urgent care this year? Shedding its image as a “doc-in-a-box”, urgent care is now competing directly with primary care and emergency rooms. Noticeable movements have been toward consolidation, service diversification, and alignment with other healthcare entities as the urgent care market matures.

Jan 2

Bring on 2015!

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We want you to enter the New Year with optimism, so we compiled a list of articles that will leave you feeling like a super hero.

Dec 15

5 Ways to Keep the Holidays Merry and Light

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'Tis the season for good tidings and great joy! For many of us, the holiday season is something we daydream about all year long. What’s the perfect gift for my hipster sister? How are we going to get that eight foot spruce through the door? Will my husband’s family gobble up my gingersnap cookies? Suddenly, all of those holiday questions leave your head hurting and you’re seeing Rudolph red.

Dec 12

Features Your Next EMR Needs to Have: Feature #4

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EMR vendors—and many software vendors in general—are moving to a purely cloud-based hosted environment. Rather than installing software directly on individual desktops or on a client’s server, an EMR vendor with a cloud-based model allows direct access via an internet connection.

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