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Sep 29

KPIs to Watch in Your Urgent Care - Part 2

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Wondering what KPIs your urgent care should be on the look out for? We've compiled our top ten list for you. Read part one of this blog series to see our top five KPIs first, then dive into our remaining five key performance indicators to watch in your urgent care.

Sep 2

September’s Top 5 Reads

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With the days getting shorter and students back in school, many of us are settling in to our fall routines. Highlighting this fall will be the transition to ICD-10 in October. In the meantime, here are five articles we think are worthy of your time.

Aug 26

KPIs to Watch in Your Urgent Care - Part 1

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As every business owner knows, key performance indicators measure the success and solvency of an organization. The same holds true for an urgent care business as well. As a business, your urgent care also relies on KPIs as a baseline of financial and operational well-being.

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