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Dec 15

5 Ways to Keep the Holidays Merry and Light

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'Tis the season for good tidings and great joy! For many of us, the holiday season is something we daydream about all year long. What’s the perfect gift for my hipster sister? How are we going to get that eight foot spruce through the door? Will my husband’s family gobble up my gingersnap cookies? Suddenly, all of those holiday questions leave your head hurting and you’re seeing Rudolph red.

Dec 12

Features Your Next EMR Needs to Have: Feature #4

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EMR vendors—and many software vendors in general—are moving to a purely cloud-based hosted environment. Rather than installing software directly on individual desktops or on a client’s server, an EMR vendor with a cloud-based model allows direct access via an internet connection.

Nov 25

5 Tell-tale Signs You Need to Switch Your Billing Company

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In healthcare, many people compare a practice’s relationship with their billing services provider as a marriage. True to this comparison, practices and billers can enjoy a prosperous relationship if it is built on trust and communication. If you are suspicious your biller relationship is turning south and you’re thinking about cutting the cord, it’s important to evaluate the facts.

Nov 11

Features Your Next EMR Needs to Have: Feature #3

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Communication is essential for a smooth workflow. Instead of using flags and sticky notes, look for an EMR that includes a messaging system within the software. An urgent care EMR should allow you to send instant messages and attach scanned notes—such as those attached to a specific patient record.

Oct 29

5 Tips for Using an iPad EMR During the Patient Visit

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We want technology to connect and strengthen our interactions, not get in the way of them. Using an iPad EMR allows mobility and makes electronic charting more efficient, but many providers find interacting with tablets while doing a patient exam a challenge. To ensure relationship building—and technology efficiency—here are a few tips to help:

Oct 24

DocuTAP Lands on Top 50 EHR Report

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Medical Economics has unveiled its Top 50 EHR vendors for 2014, and DocuTAP is proud to be on the list. This is the second straight year DocuTAP has made the exclusive EHR report.

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