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Nov 25

Tips for Training Your Urgent Care Staff - Part 1

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Your employees are the heart of your clinic, and make the difference between an okay patient experience—and a great one. From proper hiring to thorough training, managing all roles requires time investment by owners and management. Each staff member fills a meaningful role, and in urgent care, often several roles. Here are a few tips from insider training experts who’ve seen what works in educating urgent care personnel.

Nov 24

An Urgent Care Story: American Family Care

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As one of the largest privately owned urgent cares in the Southeast region, American Family Care is dedicated to providing quality and affordable care to patients and their families. Our DocuTAP video team recently took a tour of the facilities and learned all about how they are impacting the community.

Oct 27

Addicted to DocuTAP

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Working at one of the most buzzed about companies in Sioux Falls, I often get asked one of two questions. How do I apply there? Or, should I apply there?

Sep 29

KPIs to Watch in Your Urgent Care - Part 2

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Wondering what KPIs your urgent care should be on the look out for? We've compiled our top ten list for you. Read part one of this blog series to see our top five KPIs first, then dive into our remaining five key performance indicators to watch in your urgent care.

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