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“It’s the easiest urgent care system on the market for physicians to learn. I can get a new doc up and running in one morning with seamless charting and auto coding. Nobody would go back to our old EMR.”

“DocuTAP has helped us to streamline all of our processes, reduce patient visit times, and virtually eliminate all paper from our practice. It has made us a more efficient and profitable business.”

“DocuTAP was the best EMR in the urgent care space—and had the best reputation. That’s why we chose it. With DocuTAP, our efficiency has improved so much we can now offer additional services that we couldn’t before.”

“We fell in love with the people. The staff at DocuTAP is the most amazing staff we have ever worked with. From the front desk, to the clinical staff, to billing, the software is so easy to use. ”

“I know for a fact we were missing charges before. Providers are documenting better, and reaching the correct E/M office visit code.”

Free Urgent Care Resources

Free Urgent Care Resources

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Request Your DocuTAP Quote

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Our Urgent Care Blog

May 27

6 Ways to Encourage Your Urgent Care Staff

2015 | Filed in Posts

In the fast-paced environment of urgent care, burnout and over stress are commonly felt by staff. If your staff are suffering from overwork or are having a hard time dealing with the environment, a little encouragement can go a long way. Read a few ways you can help encourage your staff.

May 19

Features Your Next EMR Needs to Have: Feature #9

2015 | Filed in Posts

It’s wise to pick an EMR that can track users’ actions within the system, for legal reasons and employee performance reviews. See if the EMRs you are considering keep an easily viewable audit log with time stamps, actions completed, communication records, and items documented on the patient’s record.